Covid-19 safety measures

To ensure your comfort and safety, at home and out in the sidecars, we have implemented a number of measures that adhere to both international and Portuguese health and safety guidelines recommended for prevention of spreading Covid-19.

Our time is dedicated to you during your time with us. We don’t take any other passengers whilst you are with us, only those you have booked with. This ensures you are with those who you know and trust.

Our sidecars, helmets and other gear you may require are cleaned between rides with the appropriate disinfectant products.

We follow all the personal procedures from the guidelines and ask that that all of our guests respect the minimum distance, washing of hands and wearing of masks or visors (as appropriate) during their time with us.

We have disposable masks and hand sanitiser for our guests to use at all times. 

This "Clean & Safe" certification you see here and at the bottom of each page is our commitment to adhering to the regulations required by the Portuguese Tourism Board.