Changes for 2020


  • Precision honing of cylinder bores offering consistent sealing of piston rings at high temperatures.

  • Faster and better break-in, resulting in both improved oil retention and longer cylinder life.


Cylinder heads

  • Significantly increased cooling fin surface area giving improved cooling efficiency.

  • Exhaust port reduced in length to decrease cylinder head temperatures.

  • Optimised intake and exhaust port geometry improving inlet and exhaust gas flow.

  • Redesigned cylinder head covers making maintenance easier.

Fuel injection system

  • All new EFI system using Keihin throttle bodies.

  • Electronic idle-speed control improving starting and stablilising idle RPM.

  • Throttle position sensor added giving crisper throttle response.

  • Fuel injector location optimised increasing efficiency.

  • Closed-loop EFI system giving better

  • fuel-efficiency.

  • Fuel pressure increased improving fuel atomisation.

  • New self-priming, in-tank fuel pump with integrated filter and pressure relief valve fitted.

  • High-efficiency catalysts reducing emissions without sacrificing power.

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