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Customise your Ural

Ural Motorcycles offers a range of options for you to customise your Ural to suit your needs and your personality. 

You can choose from a range of colours in our palette, protective finishes, specialist tires, or select one of the custom packages to make your Ural unique to you.

* Prices include VAT (at current Portuguese rate). Prices exclude time for installation of additional accessories (where necessary).


Sahara Package: €1,900*

  • H4 LED headlight bulb

  • Headlight rock guard

  • Sidecar light guards (2 pcs)

  • Taillight guard

  • Givi fairing for bike

  • Sidecar mudguard rack

  • Nose rack

  • Sidecar rear bumper

  • Hand Guards (2 pcs)

  • Leg mudguards

  • 12 volt adaptor

Adventure Package: €1,900*

  • Ural adjustable touring windscreen

  • Sidecar passenger windshield

  • Ural handlebar clamp accessory ball mount 

  • Off-road skid plate

  • Hand guards and leg mudguards

  • H4 LED bulb and headlight guard

  • Protective brackets for sidecar and rear lights

  • Sidecar rear bumper

  • Power outlet adapter

  • Adventure decal


Custom colour options

Single colour: €1,230*

Two tone colour: €2,150*

Three tone colour: €2,460*

GEO Camouflage pattern: €4,310*

Anticorrosive body protection

Sidecar under coating: €138*

Sidecar inner coating: €138*

Black Powertrain: €1,200*

(subject to availability)

Nitron Shock Absorbers: €3,820*

Solo seat: €335*

Heavy duty sidecar luggage rack: €240*


Sump guard: €240*

1-year extended warranty: €1,050**

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