Ural Experience Centre

As authorised operators of the Ural Experience Centre in Portugal, we share our experience of riding adventure motorcycle sidecars and demonstrate what Ural Motorcycles can offer to a wide range of people – bikers and non-bikers alike.

Structured as one-on-one experiences, we offer the full range of Ural Experience Days. These are tailored according to the rider's interests, needs and level of sidecar riding experience. We want to ensure that your time with us gives you what you need to get the most out of your Ural Motorcycle and its unique lifestyle benefits.

Based in the centre of Portugal, we are surrounded by a superb range of roads and tracks, through forests, hills and valleys that will suit everyone – from beginners to more advanced riders. We select routes according to your needs and requirements, and to best demonstrate the riding skills and travelling possibilities. 


We use Ural Motorcycles for our experiences because they are rugged and reliable and have 2WD (two-wheel drive) and reverse gear which is unique to these models. This makes them ideally suited to off-road riding.

Ural Experience Days

What is included

  • introduction of how a sidecar works

  • introduction to sidecar capabilities

  • rides throughout our local environment

  • demonstration of specific sidecar riding skills

  • lunch at base

  • helmet and gloves

What to bring

  • your full motorcycle driver's license

  • sturdy boots
    (not enduro type)

  • personal riding equipment

Price: from €150 pp/pd (from 1 November 2021)

As experienced sidecar riders we use our combinations for all types of riding, from leisurely countryside exploration to hard riding off road events with maxi trail solo bikes..


We are keen to introduce others to the joy of riding sidecars because they offer an opportunity for more inclusivity in the motorbike world. Adventures and experiences can be enjoyed by everyone – young or old, able-bodied or disabled, travelling as an individual, as a family or in a group. 

Let us know how you are planning to adventure and we can ensure you get the best experience possible from the start.