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The official Ural Experience Centre

Years of experience riding all kinds of sidecars in all sorts of circumstances has given us a great understanding of, experience with and love for adventure sidecar motorcycles, and what they can offer. That's what we want to share.


Why? Because the unique thing about motorbikes with sidecars is the exceptional enjoyment you get from adventuring side by side, pilot and co-pilot, working as a team. It's an inclusive and fun way to enjoy a motorcycling experience for bikers and non-bikers alike.

We offer the full range of Ural Experience Days , so whether you'd like to get a feeling for the basics to see if this is for you, get top tips how to be the best co-pilot, or, you want to develop your existing riding skills further so you can join events with maxi trails, we can tailor the days according to the your interests, needs and level of sidecar riding experience.

Surrounded by a superb range of roads and tracks, through forests, hills and valleys we have something that will suit everyone – from beginners to more advanced riders. Structured as one-on-one experiences, we'll select routes according to your needs and requirements, and to best demonstrate the riding skills and travelling possibilities. 

Come and try a Ural Experience Day!
You don't know what you don't know, so, even after a lifetime of riding a motorbikes there's something new for you to try, and that's the best thing!

Let us know your plans for adventure and we can ensure you get the best experience possible from the very start. 

Ural Experience Days

What is included

  • introduction of how a sidecar works

  • introduction to sidecar capabilities

  • rides throughout our local environment

  • demonstration of specific sidecar riding skills

  • lunch at base

  • helmet and gloves

What to bring

  • your full motorcycle driver's license

  • sturdy boots
    (not enduro type)

  • personal riding equipment

Price: from €215 pp/pd (incl IVA)

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