We are Rob and Zayne, experienced bikers who love to explore new places, ride a variety of bikes and meet interesting people through our adventures.

Gusto Motorbikes has allowed us to share our passion for bikes that are built to ride. Whether it's motorbikes, or sidecar combinations, we want to understand what you need from a bike and where you want to go, in order to fulfil your expectations. We share our ideas, make a plan and then start your project, working through all aspects of the build. Our ultimate aim is to create a motorbike that is built to ride for you and your adventures, over many thousands of kilometres.

We are URAL Motorcycles dealers and authorised operator of the Ural Experience Centre in Portugal and Regional Support Team for Portugal, Spain, Ireland and the UK. 

We are also Unit Garage Dealers in Central Portugal, and work with many other partners and suppliers in Europe and the Middle East. We work inclusively and are always looking for new ways to achieve great results that we can all be proud of – our customers, our partners and ourselves.

Ural Sidecar Motorcycles

Authorised operator
Ural Experience Centre

Regional Support Team

Portugal - Spain
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Ireland - UK
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Central Portugal
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